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Agribusiness, Featured, Management, Marketing, Quarterly Review

The shift towards a customer-centric approach in agribusiness

Agribusinesses must prioritize customer experiences over market drivers, adapting to online demands for sustainable growth...

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Agribusiness, Featured, Management, Marketing, Quarterly Review

Navigating Resilience: Challenges and strategies in U.S. agricultural and food supply chains

Amidst disruptions, agribusinesses must balance resilience and efficiency, navigating complex trade-offs and policy impacts for...

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Agribusiness, Marketing, Research

How will tech enable agrifood trends of 2024?

Technological trends are not only addressing current challenges in the agriculture and food industry but...

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Agribusiness, Featured, Marketing, Research, Sales, Strategy

What is relationship-based selling?

For the majority of my career, relationships have been an important aspect of selling in...

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Education, Featured, Marketing, Sales, Strategy

What does it mean to sell with precision?

Today, nearly every organization trains people on basic sales skills and most salespeople are good...

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Agribusiness, Careers, Featured, Marketing, Strategy

Creating Social Impact with an Eye Towards Profitability

One thing that has always been clear to those in agribusiness is how closely our...

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Agribusiness, Careers, Featured, Marketing, Strategy

Creating an Integrated and Cohesive Marketing Strategy

As marketing managers know, creating an integrated and cohesive marketing strategy has many moving parts....

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Agribusiness, Featured, Marketing

Marketing to Farm Businesses

I’ve written before about how I believe one of the more significant challenges in any...

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Marketing, Quarterly Review

Using Brand Nostalgia to Improve Customer Loyalty

Marketing is more important now than ever before due to the increased visibility and availability...

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Marketing, Quarterly Review, Strategy

Why and How Can We Offer Congruence Between Online & Offline Channels to Customers When Embracing an Omnichannel Strategy?

A recently published paper in the International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management studied the...

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