Farmer Service Quality Survey

Survey of Farmers’ Attitudes and Perceptions of Service Quality

A research project looking at different aspects of service that are critical to farmers.

Service offerings are becoming increasingly more important as a means of differentiating one competitor from another. It is important for agricultural inputs suppliers to understand how producers’ attitudes and perceptions of service to stay competitive. This research develops insights into the aspects of service that are critical to farmers so that agribusinesses can stay ahead of the curve in creating value for their farmer customers.

The study’s objectives include:

  • Identify the aspects of service offerings that are most important to farmers.
  • Discover the trade-offs that farmers make between price and improvements in each of the aspects of service.
  • Provide a useful tool for assessing current service offerings and methods for improving them.

More than 100 Indiana corn and soybean producers of various sizes have been surveyed on their perceptions of agribusinesses in their area and what they would like to see in future service offerings.