As Boilermakers, we strive in the persistent pursuit of our next giant leap. In doing so, 2021 will mark the seventh conducting of the Large Commercial Producer Survey. Designed to understand the preferences of large-scale producers when interacting with agricultural salespeople, retailers, lenders and manufacturers, the Center research team is currently in the process of developing and implementing the study. Results from the survey are set to be delivered in late 2021.

The 2021 survey will focuses on U.S. producers of: corn/soybean, wheat/barley, cotton, fruit/nuts/ vegetables, dairy, hogs and cattle. As farmers and ranchers adapt to the changing industry, suppliers must understand them as they grow in order to be successful. Knowing producers’ concerns, preferences, behaviors and attitudes is crucial to serving them well. Survey results will provide insight into these areas and serve as a helpful look at the direction of the agricultural supply chain. Reaching across several commodities and aspects of agriculture, the LCP Survey is a tool to help agribusiness managers understand today’s customers and position their business for future success.


Producer Strategies

This topic focuses on how producers choose to win in the marketplace. The results will help agribusinesses understand how to provide the right mix of strategies for an effective customer buying process. This topic aims to answer:


This topic’s goal is to acquire a deeper understanding of farmers’ buying behavior and investigate the impact of factors such as price, quality of service and relationship/trust on farmer preferences, as well as if and how these factors convert to loyalty. Buying preferences and their implications are the main objective of this project. The survey searches for key insights across all topics to examine how they work together. This topic will allow agribusiness managers to:


With the increase of electronically-conducted agricultural transactions, this topic will focus on gaining an understanding of farmer preferences regarding online buying. It will answer:

Information and Salesperson Preferences

This topic will focus on gaining an increased understanding of farmer preferences regarding sources of information. It will answer:

Data/Tech Adoption and Sustainability

This topic will uncover opportunities for value creation in the supply chain using farm data. Results will provide insight into farmers’ data collection and sharing practices, along with an understanding of the barriers and opportunities of transferring data to downstream partners. Several food and agribusinesses are developing tools for collecting farm-level data on sustainability practices, and this session will cover the opportunities and obstacles facing these tools.

This topic will collect specific information about farmer data collection/sharing and sustainability in regard to:

2017 LCP Survey Materials

To purchase 2017 LCP Survey Materials, contact Research Project Manager Masi Keshavarz at, or call (765) 496-3385.

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