Principal operators’ farm risk attitudes in hot and cold climates

Ahmad Zia Wahdat, Michael Gundersom | 2022

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A Clustering Approach to Understanding Farmers Success Strategies

Chinonso Etumnu, Allan Gray | 2020

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Characterization of farmers’ management practices and strategies: a comparison between Argentine and U.S. farmers

Mati Mohammadi, Pablo Mac Clay, Roberto Feeney, Pedro Harmath, Masi Keshavarz, Michael Gunderson | 2020

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Farmer perceptions of risk in 2017

Nathaneal Thompson, Courtney Bir, Nicole Widmar | 2019

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Prioritization of farm success factors by commercial farm managers

John Lai, Nicole Widmar, Michael Gunderson, David Widmar, David Ortega | 2018

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Large Commercial Producer Market Segments for Agricultural Capital Equipment

Maud Roucan-Kane, Corinne Alexander, Michael Boehlje, Scott Downey, Allan Gray | 2011

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