Precision Dealer Survey

CropLife/Purdue Precision Dealer Survey of Service Quality

Partnering with CropLife magazine, we survey retail crop input dealers regarding their use of precision ag services.

Knowing what technologies are being adopted in the marketplace, by whom, and the reasons why can provide agribusinesses with insight to compare to competitors and guide business strategies. This survey began in the mid-1990’s, when geographic information systems, yield monitors, and GPS-guided soil sampling were first used by farmers and their crop input suppliers. It is the longest-running, continuous survey of precision agriculture practices in the U.S.
Specific points of focus include:

  • Dealer use of precision technologies in their business, such as guidance systems for custom application, GIS software, sprayer section controllers, and scouting apps.
  • How dealers manage data from their businesses and their customer’s farms.
  • Current and projected offerings of precision services to their farmer customers, including grid or zone soil sampling, providing aerial imagery of fields, or variable rate seeding prescriptions.
  • Farmer adoption of precision practices such as yield mapping, variable rate seeding, and autoguidance, estimated by the retailers.
  • Profitability of various service offerings, barriers of adoption, and plans for future technology investment.


If you are interested in downloading the results of the 2017 Precision Dealer Survey, please complete the following form: