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Agribusiness, Quarterly Review

How Farmers Markets Support Local Agriculture

Farmers markets are a popular way to support local agriculture and expand direct-to-consumer sales. For...

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Agribusiness, Leadership, Management

Disruption and Chaos

The agri-food system is changing and your organization is no doubt working through the ways...

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Agribusiness, Management, Strategy

Tackling Marketplace Changes

It’s no secret that consumer preferences in food production are changing or that there is...

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Agribusiness, Research

Consumer Perceptions of Livestock Products and Animal Welfare

Researchers conducted an online survey of 798 United States consumers to characterize smoked ham and...

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Agribusiness, Marketing, Research

Consumer Preferences and Perceptions of Food Safety, Production Practices and Food Product Labeling

Today’s consumers are increasingly sensitive to the processes employed and safeguards in place in modern...

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Agribusiness, Production Agriculture, Research, Supply Chain

Should the Supply Chain Play Fair?

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Technological changes over the past century have caused increased interest among...

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Agribusiness, Marketing, Sales

Value Placed on the Customer Returns Value to the Business

From Seed and Crops Digest - Whoever said, “The customer is always right,” as a...

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