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Improving Agribusiness Customer Relations Using Social Media & CRM Technologies


Agribusiness, Quarterly Review

Improving agribusiness customer relations using social media & CRM technologies

To reduce information asymmetry and increase trust and efficiency, sharing information and communication is essential...

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Agribusiness, Management, Research, Strategy

An Evaluation of Customer Relationship Management Practices Among Agribusiness Firms

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Agribusiness, Management, Marketing

Customer Relationship Management at Farm Credit Services of North America

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Agribusiness, Management

Gauging CRM Efforts

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, continues to get attention and still...

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Agribusiness, Marketing, Sales

Value Placed on the Customer Returns Value to the Business

From Seed and Crops Digest - Whoever said, “The customer is always right,” as a...

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Agribusiness, Marketing

CRM: Organizational Elements Hold the Key

From AgriMarketing Magazine - If you want information on Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, you...

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Agribusiness, Management, Strategy

IMPACT Cooperative: CRM Strategy and Implementation

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Agribusiness, Sales, Strategy

What our Leaders are Saying About CRM in 2002

From Strategic Customer Relationship Management - The current economic situation has forced businesses to be...

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Education, Management

Seminar Helps Agribusiness Improve Customer Relationships

From Purdue News - Purdue University's Center for Food and Agricultural Business is offering its...

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