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Agribusiness, Marketing, Research

Product Brand May Matter to Commercial Producers

From Feedstuffs Magazine - For any given agricultural input, producers are often faced with an...

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Agribusiness, Leadership, Management, Research

Successful Relationships Require Knowledge of Decision Making

From Feedstuffs Magazine - Purchasing decisions of agricultural producers are often complex and involve several...

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Agribusiness, Production Agriculture, Research

Commercial Crop Producers’ Changing Attitudes

From Feed and Grain Magazine - Staying ahead of commercial producers who are running hard...

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Production Agriculture, Research, Risk Management, Strategy

Investment in Publicly Traded Firms as a Vertical Integration and a Risk Diversification Strategy

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Agribusiness, Production Agriculture

What is the Economic Impact from Foot and Mouth Disease, and What Should We Do About It?

From Purdue Agricultural Economics Report - We face a serious challenge in the prevention and...

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