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Optimizing Sales Management: Knowledge, coaching and continuous improvement

While we used to think that exceptional salespeople possessed an innate gift, recent data suggests...

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What is relationship-based selling?

For the majority of my career, relationships have been an important aspect of selling in...

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Restarting Your Business


Agribusiness, Featured, Sales

Restarting Your Business

As salespeople, we thrive on building relationships, expanding our network, interacting with our customers and...

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What We’re Reading

The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone’s Mind

I often say that in Purdue University’s Agricultural Economics department comprised of over 30 faculty...

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Human Resources, Leadership, Management

Don’t Be a Turkey

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Marketing, Sales

Adding Value to Customers

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Management, Sales

How Sales and Marketing Relate

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Many agribusinesses are struggling with this relationship right now. Consolidation has...

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Agribusiness, Production Agriculture, Research

Serving Producers in Volatile Times

Without question the agricultural industry is experiencing one of the most volatile times in history....

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Agribusiness, Marketing, Research, Sales

Market Segmentation Practices of Retail Crop Input Firms

The farmers targeted by crop input retailers may be divided into distinct groups or segments,...

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Production Agriculture, Research

Large Farmers: A Different Segment

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Ernest Hemingway once told F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The rich are different—they...

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