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Management, Quarterly Review, Strategy

Modern Chinese Management and Agribusiness

China is one of the most major food producers and consumers in the world. More...

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Quarterly Review, Strategy

How Farmers Interact with Digitization of the Agricultural Value Chain

This article examines different market segments of the crop protection market and how that is...

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understanding data analytics to reach new customers and minimize costs


Agribusiness, Research, Strategy, Supply Chain

Value Chain Evolution Through Data Usage

The agricultural sector is highly competitive. At every level of the value chain, participants compete...

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Agribusiness, Marketing

Creating a Healthy Value Chain

From Seed World Magazine - You might not expect the president of the North American...

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Agribusiness, Production Agriculture, Research, Risk Management

Strategic Issues in the Changing Agricultural Industry

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Management, Production Agriculture, Strategy

U.S. Agriculture in the 21st Century

From Feed and Grain Magazine - The U.S. food production and distribution industry is in...

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Agribusiness, Policy, Strategy

The Changing Face of Agriculture

From Dealer and Applicator Magazine - The agricultural industry continues to undergo many changes along...

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Production Agriculture, Research, Risk Management, Strategy

Investment in Publicly Traded Firms as a Vertical Integration and a Risk Diversification Strategy

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