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The Purdue University Center for Food and Agricultural Business designs and delivers professional development workshops, industry research and degree programs with the potential to revolutionize the way you work and do business. Together, we’ll take small steps toward your next giant leap.

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Our online programs and micro-courses give you access to outstanding faculty and top-quality experts in agribusiness management with a convenient, flexible format.


In the classroom, interact with faculty experts in programs designed to help develop your skills in sales, management, finance, strategic decision making, and more.


Partner with us to design, develop and deliver a program that applies directly to your company’s educational needs and offers the benefits of team learning.

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Online degrees focusing on food and agribusiness management are for driven and dedicated professionals who want to rise to the top of their fields.

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You need a dynamic set of skills to lead in today’s ever-evolving agribusiness industry. That’s why we’re here. We understand the industry you serve, and we can help advance your skill set and transform your thinking through the educational and research experiences we offer. 

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Strategic Changes Shaping a New Ag Input Retail Industry
Strategic Changes Shaping a New Ag Input Retail Industry

Ag input retail is a large and dynamic industry that has faced important trends in the last 10 years, some of which have accelerated more recently due to extreme events such as trade wars and harsh weather conditions. In addition, digital innovations such as internet growth and agronomic advancements in precision farming, married with digital technologies, have pushed the industry to modernize.

Leadership is a Journey, Not an Event
Leadership is a Journey, Not an Event

We’ve been through a lot this past year and a half. Across the board, we’ve experienced disruption like none of us have ever experienced before. During this time, we’ve certainly made mistakes, stumbled our way through the constant changes and challenges, but most importantly…we’ve prevailed.

The Second Generation of Strategic Agri-Marketing
The Second Generation of Strategic Agri-Marketing

In an industry where family values and passion are the driving forces behind the productivity and fortitude of American agriculture, responsibilities tend to be passed down from generation to generation. This tradition has been a typical standard both on the farm and in family agribusinesses, but one special instance lies in academia and professional development tailored to agribusiness in the Funk and Downey families.