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Programs designed to help develop your skills in sales, management, finance, strategic decision making, and more.

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Online degrees focusing on food and agribusiness management are for driven and dedicated professionals who want to rise to the top of their fields.

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We create and deliver management education programs that combine research with real-world application for the food and agribusiness industries

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You need a dynamic set of skills to lead in today’s ever-evolving agribusiness industry. That’s why we’re here. We understand the industry you serve, and we can help advance your skill set and transform your thinking through the educational and research experiences we offer. 

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Infusing Emotion into the Customer Journey
Infusing Emotion into the Customer Journey
Mapping the customer journey and thinking of ways to improve the customer experience have seen increased attention from marketing academics and practitioners. Companies use these methods in attempt to maintain customer engagement and loyalty in a very crowded, multichannel, connected and diversified marketplace.
Competitive Intelligence in Practice
Competitive Intelligence in Practice
This article had the objective of exploring the use of competitive intelligence in the retail sector, more specifically, the liquor segment. The big question was, “How do liquor retailers practice competitive intelligence?”
How to Create Curious Employees
How to Create Curious Employees
This Quarterly Review article is different from others I have done in that it is mostly theoretical. The authors use observed psychological research to build a model of molding curious employees in a firm. The authors also link employee curiosity to employee creativity.