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Investing in Talent: Commodity vs. Annuity
Investing in Talent: Commodity vs. Annuity
Over the course of my career, I have had the great honor and privilege of working with professionals from a multitude of industries and levels across the country. On many occasions when working with groups of high-level professionals, I have taken the opportunity to ask them, “What is the greatest asset to your organization?” An overwhelming majority of them said exactly what you would be likely to say, too: their people.
Leading Change
Leading Change
Change is occurring at a fast rate. Shocking, right? No? Of course not. We are all well aware of how rapidly change is sweeping across the food and agribusiness industries, as well as across the world, as we continue to discover advancements and efficiencies daily.
Understanding Farm Data Usage
Understanding Farm Data Usage
There is a lot of talk about “big data” in agriculture these days. The farm of the future is said to use multispectral imagery, soil and micro-climate sensors, equipment telematics data, and GPS to drive yield enhancing decisions. The growth of ag-tech startups suggests investors are optimistic about this future. Investment in the ag-tech sector grew 43% in 2018 to nearly $17 billion according to AgFunder News. Though the amount of data being collected from farms is growing rapidly, little is known about how farmers leverage this data to make decisions. According the USDA’s Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS), 61% of corn growers used a yield monitor in 2010 but only 34% used the data to generate a yield map, indicating a disconnect between data collection and data action.