Current students

Current Students



We’re so happy that you have enrolled in the MS-MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management Program. This site will serve as a guide to your experience in the Purdue section of the program. Here, you can find information about Purdue resources, specific information about your class (like residency information), information about your financial aid and payments, as well as contact information for Purdue faculty and staff members. 

Requirements to Complete the Program

To earn the master of science degree from Purdue, you are required to complete all 21 credits of the Purdue program with a 3.0 average.

The Purdue courses are as follows:

AGEC 684 – Applied Quantitative Methods for Decision Making (3 credits)
AGEC 681 – Economics for Food and Agribusiness Managers (3 credits)
AGEC 687 – Problem Solving and Project Management for Decision Makers (3 credits)
AGEC 685 – Advanced Quantitative Methods: Decision Making under Uncertainty (3 credits)
AGEC 682 – The Macroeconomic, Trade, and Policy Environment of the Food System (3 credits)
AGEC 688 – Business Analysis Capstone Course (3 credits)
AGEC 686 – Strategic Food and Agribusiness Management (3 credits)

You will also need to have completed at least 15 credits from Indiana University by the end of November of your second year. These 15 credits will be transferred to Purdue and no grade can be below a B-. If you have questions about this requirement, please talk with Taryn Nance.

Kelley School of Business courses transferred to Purdue with a grade of B- or above are:

C521 – Managing Accounting Information for Decision Making (3 credits)
C570 – Strategic Marketing Management (3 credits)
C580 – Operations Management (3 credits)
C540 – Financial Management (3 credits)
C560 – Strategic Management and Business Planning (3 credits)


Student Integrity

Students are responsible for observing the policies, rules and regulations of Purdue University. Click here for more information.

Purdue Resources

Purdue offers a wide variety of resources that are available to you, even as off-campus students. Check out some of them below.


The Purdue Center for Career Opportunities

The Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) serves as a centralized Career Services office for the West Lafayette Campus. We offer multiple services for students, alumni, employers, faculty and staff.


Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP) is Purdue’s central computing support organization. The website includes information about student accounts and storage on the Purdue network and wireless Internet access on campus.

Purdue Libraries

You will have access to Purdue’s campus libraries, which provide access both on and off-campus to a wide array of databases and other research tools.


Purdue offers a feature called myPurdue that gives you access to your financial information, your grades, graduation details and other relevant information. Financial aid information is NOT on myPurdue. It is in the Indiana University SCOPE system.

To access this page, you need a career account login username and password. Information on how to set up the account and password information comes via e-mail from the graduate school.

To set up your Purdue Career Account

1.      Look for an email from Purdue University Graduate School ( The email will have the subject line: Your Career Account Password.

2.      Follow the directions in the email to access MyPurdue. By the way, your career account user name is not the same user name as for the Purdue Grad School Application.

Wi-Fi on the Purdue Campus

You will be able to access the internet at Purdue, but you’ll need your Career Account login information.

Other things you can do:

Purdue’s Emergency Cell Phone Information

Purdue will occasionally send text updates about emergencies that occur on campus. If you don’t want middle-of-the-night texts about campus emergencies:

Go to

Then, go to Change Password (even though you aren’t changing your password).

Under Emergency Contact (on the right side of page), change your cell phone number to all zeroes. If you run into any problems, contact ITaP (Information Technology at Purdue), at 765-494-4000.

Want to know more about Purdue? Visit this site to learn about Purdue traditions and other interesting history


Purdue and IU Contacts

Your first point of contact for questions or concerns about the program is Taryn Nance, program manager, Purdue University.

Work: (765) 496-2447
Cell:   (765) 714-2771

For help with homework, contact your professor or teaching assistant.

For help with Purdue course material on Canvas, contact Liza Braunlich at (765) 494-4263.

Kelley Executive Degree Programs

If you have an Indiana University Kelley School of Business question (and you have asked Taryn first), contact:

Amanda Thacker, Program Manager
Work: (812) 855-7140

For help with technical problems with IU Kelley courses on Canvas, contact Kelley Executive Degree Programs Help Desk at or (866) 260-1702.

Kelley School of Business

Kelley School of Business also has a page of information specifically for you called One.IU. You will need a username and password to access the page, but it will be different than the username and password you have for Purdue.

International Students

International students coming into the United States should check their eligibility for the VISA Waiver Program.

Please request an invitation letter from Taryn to show at entry into the United States. When asked upon entry into the United States, state your plans to attend a one-week business education seminar at Purdue showing your invitation letter.