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Electricians Cart


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What’s on your Electrician’s Cart?

In hindsight, it sounds simple to say that customer-facing employees at Consolidated Electrical Distribution (CED)...

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Manading Cusomer Relations pyramid


Quarterly Review

Managing customer relationships

The authors of this article take an economic approach to building customer relationships. Specifically, whether...

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Relationships in B2B Marketing


Quarterly Review

Relationships in B2B marketing

Relationships are important in business-to-business marketing, but defining what is meant by “relationship” is difficult....

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Building Trust


Quarterly Review

Building trust

Trust is an integral part of maintaining any successful business relationship, especially within agriculture. Yet,...

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Salesperson Influence on Stakeholders


Quarterly Review

Salesperson influence on stakeholders

Modern frontline employees (salespeople) are often required to manage relationships with different stakeholders to effectively...

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Agribusiness, Research

Measuring Loyalty

From AgriMarketing Magazine - A classic example of loyalty is George Clooney’s character, Ryan Bingham,...

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Marketing, Research, Sales

Balance Needs, Values and Innovation to Make Sales

From AgriMarketing Magazine - It used to be pretty easy for agrimarketers to describe customers...

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Research, Sales

A Sketch of Today’s Seed Buyer

From Seed World Magazine - They're loyal to specific seed brands. They value multiple product...

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Research, Sales

Selling Large Farmers: It’s Darned Hard Work

From AgriMarketing Magazine - There is little question that large farmers are different. Different from...

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Agribusiness, Management, Production Agriculture

Boone Brothers’ Farms, LLC

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