The agriculture industry is facing a deluge of young entrepreneurs with transformational technologies that will disrupt current practices with the potential to increase farmer profits. However, the barriers to entry are high—finding funding from investors who don’t understand agriculture, too many technologies entering the same space and farmers and producers who are skeptical of new technologies and sharing their data.

Entering the shark tank is Cainthus, an Ag Tech start-up that is applying machine visioning and artificial intelligence to crops, cattle and other animal applications with the potential to make technologies such as ear tags, RFID and wearables obsolete. Can Cainthus beat the odds in an agri-tech marketplace where only a small percentage of start-ups survive? Will its blended knowledge of agriculture, science, software and business prove to be the differentiating factor between Cainthus and other agri-tech start-ups?

Join us at the Purdue Food and Agribusiness Executive Summit to engage with Aidan Connolly, CEO and President of Cainthus, and David Hunt, one of the Cainthus founders. They will discuss navigating a complex and crowded agri-tech marketplace, as well as the strategies the company might pursue to increase technology adoption and grow business.

Don’t miss this discussion among other case studies and special topics at the 2019 Summit October 1-3 on Purdue’s West Lafayette, IN campus.