Making the Right Call

From Feed and Grain Magazine - Over the past year, we have been bombarded with a seemingly endless list of corporate crises: Enron, Global Crossing, WorldCom … one major corporation after another has been caught or admitted to illegal activities, questionable accounting practices, top management who didn’t know — honest — that they actually LOST $7 billion, and on and on. What caused this crisis of confidence in corporate America? More important, what can we do to make sure our firm does not become “one of these greedy, unethical organizations?”


Deciphering Online Shopping Behaviors of Generations Y and Z

While there are some similarities between Y and Z generational customers, they also have major distinctive online shopping behaviors. Organizations that want to serve these generations need to develop more effective marketing strategies to serve both the cohorts based on their unique characteristics and distinct behaviors. It’s important to remember that for many agribusinesses, the issue isn’t SELLING online it is helping their buyers SHOP online.

Modern Chinese Management and Agribusiness

China is one of the most major food producers and consumers in the world. More and more western agribusinesses are forming alliances and partnerships with Chinese companies, and mergers and acquisitions are taking place. Well-known Chinese companies such as the retail giant Alibaba is involved in agriculture, working in the supply chain of fruits and vegetables. Many input manufacturers such as chemical and seed suppliers are based in China and are increasing their footprint in the western ag world. Additionally, important commodity traders such as COFCO are based in China. China, after the U.S., is the second largest investor in ag techs with $2.7 billion in investments in 2022, targeting mainly biotechnology and bioenergy, according to AgFunders.