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What is Farmer Trust and How Might it Grow?

When we consider how farmers view different information sources, salespeople tend to think of themselves...

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Improving Agribusiness Customer Relations Using Social Media & CRM Technologies


Agribusiness, Quarterly Review

Improving agribusiness customer relations using social media & CRM technologies

To reduce information asymmetry and increase trust and efficiency, sharing information and communication is essential...

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Trust in Business Relationships

Mati Mohammadi, a PhD student at Purdue University and graduate research assistant at Purdue's Center...

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Agribusiness, Research

What Matters to Farmers: Contracts or Trust?

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Transformations of Trust


Quarterly Review

Transformations of trust

This study investigated how trust changes over the course of a relationship by testing the...

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Agribusiness, Management, Marketing, Sales

Building Trust

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Building Trust


Quarterly Review

Building trust

Trust is an integral part of maintaining any successful business relationship, especially within agriculture. Yet,...

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Trust in Buyer-Seller Relationships


Quarterly Review

Trust in buyer-seller relationships

This research looks at two types of trust in buyer-seller relationships: Calculated and Relational. Calculated...

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