word cloud of blockchain technology wordsIn the early 1990’s when the Internet became available to the public, there was much speculation about its value and impact. Fast-forward to today, we find ourselves having similar conversations about blockchain technology and whether it can truly be utilized to drive efficiencies—and much more—in the food supply chain.

As we navigate areas of rapid disruption taking place across the food and agribusiness value chain at the Purdue Food and Agribusiness Executive Summit, we couldn’t ignore the phenomenon that is blockchain technology. To lead the discussion and perhaps the debate, we are pleased to welcome Phil Harris, President and Co-Founder, ripe.io and Peter Votkjaer Jorgensen, Venture Partner, Maersk Growth to the program.

Join Phil, the start-up, and Peter, the investor, at the Summit for a discussion on the implications of blockchain technology for food and agribusiness, as well as how and why they are investing time, money and effort in digital technology.