Disruption in the food and agribusiness industry has happened and will inevitably continue to extend its touch throughout time. Digital agriculture, increasing consumer demands and Blockchain are simply a few of the changes currently making their way down the pike. The challenge is preparing ourselves for what the future is to bring and planning how we will overcome what disruption decides to throw our way. Dr. Jayson Lusk, Purdue University Department Head and Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Economics, is working to do just that. 

Lusk is focused on looking ahead at the impact the future of meat may have on the animal nutrition, health and feed segments. In the ever-changing agribusiness world, will these segments soon be affected by lab-grown meat? While the future of meat may lie in a $325,000 lab-grown-burger, Lusk believes that as more time is invested in this project, and technology and science continue to develop, the price of lab-grown meat will fall. The question then becomes, what implications might this present? 

Lusk is currently adding to his already extensive data collection by investing his research in a new customer survey that will provide benchmark answers to explore topics such as the investment, the demand and the consumer perception of the lab-grown meat phenomenon. 

Learn more from Lusk by visiting his blog or joining him at the 2019 Purdue Food and Agribusiness Executive Summit where he will take a deeper dive into the future of lab-grown meats and the impact for stakeholders along the value chain. During the summit session on October 1st, Jayson will be joined by Jay Theiler of Agri Beef and Matthew Strongin of Sustainable BioProducts.