Employees as Assets

Allan Gray, the center’s director, recently sat down with us to discuss how agribusinesses should think about investing in their employees during an industry downturn. Below, Allan Gray shares:

  • Why you shouldn’t be so fast to cut professional development from the budget
  • How to view learning as something other than a cost on the balance sheet
  • How to position your people to be more capable of handling a different market environment
  • How the changing market environment will affect farmer buying decisions

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The Second Generation of Strategic Agri-Marketing

In an industry where family values and passion are the driving forces behind the productivity and fortitude of American agriculture, responsibilities tend to be passed down from generation to generation. This tradition has been a typical standard both on the farm and in family agribusinesses, but one special instance lies in academia and professional development tailored to agribusiness in the Funk and Downey families.

Common Pitfalls in the Decision Making Process

Some business decisions are simple — we make them without much thought or deliberation and carry on as normal. Other larger decisions such as new ventures, expansions, acquisitions, or strategies come with the potential to be a game-changer for our organizations. These decisions carry a heavy weight of uncertainty and risk.

Using Big Data to Connect Company and Customer Core Values

As the world becomes more interconnected through the internet, opportunities arise. Today, businesses can collect data within many realms such as social media where more voices have more power than ever before. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook offer an outlet for sharing ideas, interests and promoting content that can be seen by just a few friends, or in some cases, on a national or global scale. These platforms provide the opportunity to express thoughts and opinions that can have a broad reach.