Study: Specialty Grains Can Pay Handsome Dividends

From Purdue News - Compared to commodity crops, popcorn, tofu and other special varieties of corn and soybeans make up a small portion of Indiana's annual agricultural production. For Hoosier producers willing to grow them, however, the payoff can exceed traditional varieties.


Value Chain Evolution Through Data Usage

The agricultural sector is highly competitive. At every level of the value chain, participants compete for market share, cost advantages or any other strategic advantage. With advancements in technology, customer segmentation practices and a changing consumer base, it is no surprise that many firms are turning to data analytics for some type of strategic advantage. Data give insights into both demand and supply issues, helping companies better target new customers or cutting costs of production along the way. Regardless of its use, increasing the bottom line is the end goal.

Creating Value Through Blockchain Technology

As we navigate a world of constant advancement and disruption, could the phenomenon that is blockchain technology be the next innovation that could truly drive efficiencies—and much more—in the food supply chain?

Segmenting an Evolving Industry

For many years, weather, disruption and unforeseen circumstances have been the root of issues affecting the agricultural value chain. Specifically, this year, excessive rainfall early in the planting season caused delays for crop farmers, and rising tensions from reports in the dairy industry have created challenges there.