Tuesday Tailgate Talks


Topic: How the food supply chain is being restructured, navigating the business world pre and post-pandemic and more. Featuring Dr. Allan Gray and Rob Dongoski, EY partner and global agribusiness leader, and MS-MBA alumni.


Topic: Dr. Mike Boehlje and special guests Gregg, president of the board of directors; Eric, CEO; and Leah Halverson, director of new business development and marketing specialist, of Black Gold Farms chat about where they see agriculture and the potato industry headed in the short-term, Black Gold Farms’ fundamental business strategy and how it has changed over time and their response to current challenges facing the industry.

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Topic: “ Keep It Simple, Silly” – Dr. Nicole Widmar of Consumer Corner and Dr. Scott Downey will chat about the critical “basics” we should be keeping top-of-mind when dealing with consumers despite the ever-changing consumer world.

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Topic: “Agriculture and Agribusiness in Brazil” – Allan Gray draws insights from his year-long research assignment in Brazil to interview Luciano Castro and Lourival Carmo Monaco Neto over the current Brazilian agriculture and agribusiness environment.

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Topic: “Trends in Purchasing Behavior” — Dr. Brady Brewer and Dr. Dave Downey discuss the importance of e-commerce, omni-channel marketing and the changing nature of sales.

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Topic: “Farm Finance and Economics” — Special guest David Widmar, co-founder of Agricultural Economic Insights, joins Brady Brewer for a conversation around farm finance and economics. Widmar is an agricultural economist specializing in ag trends and the farm economy.

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Topic: “Key findings from recent research over farmers’ use of data” with speakers Scott Downey & Nathan DeLay

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