Will the Good Times Last? (Part 1 of 2)

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Without a doubt, the production agriculture industry is experiencing some of the better times it has seen in recent years. The question on many people’s minds is whether or not this trend is sustainable over the mid- to longterm. Answering this question is difficult, but one way to obtain some insight is to assess the supply and demand forces shaping the industry. There are five fundamental forces of particular relevance, and in this article we discuss the first three. The final two will be featured in our column in the next issue.


Restarting Your Business

As salespeople, we thrive on building relationships, expanding our network, interacting with our customers and growing our business. I don’t want to say it’s the thrill of the chase, because I hate the analogy that customers are to be preyed upon. Each and every one of our customers is more than just a number to us — they are a face, a name, and a story with a family, goals and desires. We don’t secure a new customer and call it a day. Securing a sale marks the start of a new (or renewed) relationship.

The Common Thread

Looking back on her career thus far, Michelle Klieger, a 2015 MS-MBA alumna, views her MS-MBA degrees similarly to the art of tying shoes or braiding hair. Her degrees have served as a common thread, weaving their way into forming her career and helping her achieve her goals in many ways.

Agribusiness Data Analytics and Intelligence Roles

It was clear before and even more so now after the events of the last 12+ months — data-driven decision making is crucial for companies aiming to remain profitable and competitive in today’s markets. However, beyond simply basing decision making on data, companies must take this a step further and fully embrace the concept of competitive intelligence to truly be successful. In the food and agribusiness industry, we are no exception to this rule.