Author: Torrie Sheridan, Marketing Manager, Purdue University Center for Food and Agricultural Business

There’s no doubt the ag and seed industries have experienced major changes over the last 5-10 years, with the last two years greatly accelerating these changes across all levels. Mergers, acquisitions, cost saving initiatives, the pandemic and much more have impacted our daily operations. With such a dynamic and fluid marketplace, it can be difficult to make sense of these shifts; however, those who don’t attempt to keep up can quickly be left behind.

During the ASTA Management Academy, faculty and subject matter experts help participants make sense of these changes and aid them in making connections to functional areas of their business (operations, finance, sales and marketing and organizational leadership) that allow them to adapt and stay competitive in the market. For example, Dr. Allan Gray discusses how current events around the world have long-lasting impacts on global markets and ag commodities and what the future holds for the seed industry. Doing so provides academy participants an opportunity to think more strategically about their business.

Additionally, Dr. Pete Hammett will touch on leadership development, which will include how to challenge assumptions when tackling new problems, building awareness and ensuring your team understands the questions you’re wanting to answer or the problems you’re trying to solve, increasing the desire of your team to tackle challenges, making sure your team knows what is expected of them, enhancing the ability of your team to execute plans and reinforcing how to maintain your team’s commitment.

Two critical aspects of staying ahead of the game are an awareness of current events and strong leadership capabilities. As the industry inevitably continues to shift, be sure to equip yourself with the tools you and your agribusiness need to succeed.

Learn more from Drs. Allan Gray and Pete Hammett, alongside other faculty and subject matter experts at the ASTA Management Academy August 30-September 1, 2022. During the academy, seed industry professionals will take an in-depth look at current issues facing the industry and ways they can apply business management concepts to tackle challenges and capitalize on opportunities. The 2022 academy will be delivered through a blended model approach including online and in-person aspects.