Quality – How to Keep it Everyone’s Job

From Feed and Grain Magazine - Quality — we talk about it lots. Customers are concerned about it — grain farmers that deliver grain to your elevator – where their grain is graded by quality; or livestock farmers that purchase feed from you in the feed business — where they want the highest quality feedstuffs to feed to their dairy cows, poultry, hogs or other livestock. When you sell grain, your customers are also concerned about grain quality of the wheat, corn, soybeans or other grain products that you ship out of your elevator, destined for domestic or international markets.


Strategic Changes Shaping a New Ag Input Retail Industry

Ag input retail is a large and dynamic industry that has faced important trends in the last 10 years, some of which have accelerated more recently due to extreme events such as trade wars and harsh weather conditions. In addition, digital innovations such as internet growth and agronomic advancements in precision farming, married with digital technologies, have pushed the industry to modernize.

The Pursuit of Ideas and Ideals

Business landscapes are changing at a pace never seen before. The amount and diversity of data created every second is higher than anything we’ve ever experienced or imagined, and it will only continue to get faster, bigger and more diverse in the future. This extremely challenging environment makes innovation more difficult for incumbent companies; however, it creates a perfect storm scenario for startups to be created and flourish.