Serving Producers in Volatile Times

Without question the agricultural industry is experiencing one of the most volatile times in history. This volatility leads to uncertainty about the industry’s future. Certainly, long-term forces are in place to provide a strong future, but short-term challenges are changing the face of this industry at an almost breakneck pace. For those of us serving the production sector of agriculture, it can be quite stressful during these times to determine how to position ourselves to create value. Some might argue that in extremely volatile times it is almost futile to try to anticipate producers’ needs. However, we argue that it is precisely during these times that we should take a keen interest in understanding producers’ needs. When faced with uncertainties, we most often turn to the people we trust, and producers are looking for those same trustworthy characteristics in their service providers. These volatile times are offering you an opportunity to position yourself as the trusted provider of choice.