Cargill Premix & Nutrition: Transforming Talent Management

As a result of declining annual operating earnings over the past few years, Cargill implemented several strategic modifications on 2016. One transformation, referred to internally as the Human Resources Transformation, is designed to help enable the firm's people strategy. This case study covers the planning, execution and challenges encountered with this transformation.


Creating an Integrated and Cohesive Marketing Strategy

As marketing managers know, creating an integrated and cohesive marketing strategy has many moving parts. They must continually examine where they are and where they need to be, while trying to efficiently and effectively allocate limited resources across multiple functions related to the marketing plan.

Betty Jones-Bliss, associate director for Purdue University’s Center for Food and Agricultural Business, recently asked Scott Downey and Justin Funk a few questions regarding elements important to a successful marketing strategy.

The Customer Journey: Where are You Going Wrong?

Depending on the product and targeted customer segment, Ahir Gopaldas and Anton Siebert suggest customer journeys shouldn’t always be effortless and predictable in their recently published Harvard Business Review article.

Scaling Ideas into Success

The concepts of innovation and disruption are not new. In his many articles and book such as “Innovators’ Dilemma”, “Innovators’ Solution” and “Seeing What’s Next”, the late Professor Clayton Christensen from the Harvard Business School discusses how critical sustaining innovations, and, more significantly, disruptive innovations are for markets and the companies in them. Further, the ideas that drive these innovations are the seeds that bring transformation and evolution to these industries.