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Bringing Value to Scorecarding

November 2004

From Seed World Magazine - Addressing risks of an agribusiness through a strategy that mitigates downside risks and effectively manages upside risks is necessary for success in today's competitive environment. Our previous two columns on risk management outlined a risk scorecard that classifies qualitative risk into six categories. This article focuses on how a manager can interpret the risk scorecard and use results to form effective risk management strategies.


Brian Briggeman
Josh Detre
Michael Boehlje
Allan Gray


Seed World

Putting the Rick Scorecard to Work for Your Company

From Seed World Magazine - Previous risk management articles discussed the taxonomy of risks faced by agribusinesses, a method for categorizing and assessing these risks via a scorecard, and how a firm should determine which risks are the most threatening to its financial well-being. Here we will present real options...

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