National Conference 2019There are a variety of rapid-fire changes happening in the food and agriculture industry, including generational shifts and consolidations in farm business and agribusiness. With these changes and the rise in e-commerce and digital purchases, do relationships still matter in today’s agribusiness marketplace?

Purdue University’s 2018 National Conference for Food and Agribusiness aims to address this question. The conference will focus on business relationships in the current market, shifting agribusiness personnel and farm-management generations, and the ways food and agribusinesses need to adjust to stay profitable.

But that’s not all. Check out these top five reasons why you should attend the National Conference.

  1. Expand your knowledge in a new space. No matter how experienced you are at your business, you still have room to learn. Sitting in the same chair, office, or coffee house doing regular work routines can be isolating. It limits the flow of fresh ideas and exposure to a variety of viewpoints that can impact future results. Break out of your office and sit in a new space at the 2018 National Conference to discover valuable insights and new ways of conducting business.
  2. Build a professional network. The 2018 National Conference provides a great opportunity to connect with top researchers, faculty experts and industry thought-leaders. Most people can help each other uncover ideas and spark inspiration when they get to know one another on a personal level. The conference also allows you to interact with farmers to learn about their behavior and preferences and it gives you access to industry peers with whom you might not otherwise cross paths. Learn from your peers and build a professional network all in one.
  3. Challenge yourself to think differently. It’s good practice to share your ideas with a variety of people from similar, related and completely different business and geographical areas. Your industry peers can ask the right questions about your ideas and provide new perspectives that you hadn’t already considered. Interactive activities and workshops offered at the 2018 National Conference will allow you to present your ideas and working projects to gather feedback from people who can offer new insights and challenge you to think differently about your work.
  4. Learn new strategies and tools. Need something a bit more tailored to a specific need, audience or goal? The 2018 National Conference workshops will engage you in actively learning new strategies and tools that you can immediately apply to your business. Faculty experts will guide you through these workshops using the best tools and practices to meet your organization’s needs. You will leave ready to make a difference for your company.
  5. Get inspired. By attending the 2018 National Conference, you will get inspired to put new concepts and ideas for improving performance, productivity and business success into immediate action. You will go home with valuable insights from peers and faculty experts that will drive you to better business performance.

Don’t miss it!

We’ve got the industry and faculty experts, your peers, research and more. Now all we need is you! Join us November 6-7 in West Lafayette. Register today to reserve your seat.