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Departmentalization: A Useful Management Tool for Your Firm?

August 2002

From Feed and Grain Magazine - Do you know what areas of your business earn the most profit? Do some of your departments subsidize others? Are there some products and/or services that you offer strictly as a service to customers, and thus you do not count on them to be profitable? Finally . . . does it matter if you know the answer to these questions as long as your overall business is profitable? In this month’s column we will talk about the process of departmentalization — looking at your business by department or profit center.


John Foltz
Christine Wilson



Taking a Fresh Look at Your Marketing Strategy

From Feed and Grain Magazine - Most managers think of specific aspects of their marketing mix at crucial points in time, such as deciding when to roll out a new advertising campaign or when to announce price changes. But when was the last time that you looked at your overall...

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