Invest in Your Company’s Human Capital

From Feed and Grain Magazine - We live in a highly educated society in which most people consider knowledge empowering. In the feed and grain industry, managers value well-trained employees and many use opportunities for education as an incentive for their people. However, with the pace of change in today's world it is hard to keep current. Some experts say that while knowledge acquired in the 1960s remained valid for about 15 years, today this time span has been reduced to about 3 years. Think about that much of what today's college students learn may well be superseded with new knowledge before they even graduate.


What We Want in Our Leaders

The volume of information defining leadership — specifically, effective leadership — is remarkable. Organizations such as Harvard Business Review, The Center for Creative Leadership, Korn Ferry, Gallup and even Google have provided insightful research on what it takes to be an effective leader. This research has proven extremely valuable and served as the cornerstone for many leadership development initiatives.

Restarting Your Business

As salespeople, we thrive on building relationships, expanding our network, interacting with our customers and growing our business. I don’t want to say it’s the thrill of the chase, because I hate the analogy that customers are to be preyed upon. Each and every one of our customers is more than just a number to us — they are a face, a name, and a story with a family, goals and desires. We don’t secure a new customer and call it a day. Securing a sale marks the start of a new (or renewed) relationship.

The Common Thread

Looking back on her career thus far, Michelle Klieger, a 2015 MS-MBA alumna, views her MS-MBA degrees similarly to the art of tying shoes or braiding hair. Her degrees have served as a common thread, weaving their way into forming her career and helping her achieve her goals in many ways.