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That’s a Wrap on #2021 in Consumer Corner

December 27, 2021 | Letters

Authors: Nicole Olynk Widmar, Associate Head and Professor, Purdue University, Department of Agricultural Economics, and Taylor Thompson, MS Student, Purdue University, Department of Agricultural Economics

We’re looking back on 2021 here on Consumer Corner. Time flies, but also seemingly stands still in a pandemic-era. We’re excited to have shared and documented insights from consumer and online media research, lessons from consumers in the (unrelenting) pandemic-era, decidedly non-traditional takes on management and decision making, market insights, and our commentary on data, data use, and data analytics.

In total, we close 2021 with 40 letters (well, 41 including this one), and 12 articles on Consumer Corner. We’re pulling them together here in one easy-to-access, thematically organized spot so you can catch up on what you might have missed.


Genre Title Date Reference
Pandemic-era adaptations & lessons learned 2020 Holiday Season Adaptations 1-4-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Article.01
Self-Reported 2021 Intentions to Take the Shot (or Not) by Demographics 3-8-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.08
U.S. Adults: Most Likely to Wear Masks and Least Likely to Reduce Around-Town Interactions 3-22-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.10
COVID-Induced Lifestyle Adaptations We’re Keeping Post-Pandemic 3-29-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.11
Purdue Pete and Pistol Pete — The COVID-19 Vaccine Edition: Vaccine Intentions by Purdue and OSU Territories vs. Rest of the U.S. 4-5-2021 ConsumerCorner.Article.04
Societal Values & Personal Risky Behaviors Unchanged in 6 Months of Pandemic Era, Except We’re Drinking More Alcohol 4-12-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.12
Travel, Paper Products, Schooling Kids and Caretaking: Daily Life Impacts of COVID-19 in 2021 4-19-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.13
Practicing What We Preach: Inviting Feedback on our COVID-Induced Adaptations 5-3-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Article.05
COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Contributions: June 2020 – July 2021 Summary 7-26-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.24
You Weighed in on Pandemic-Induced Lifestyle Adaptations: Here’s What You Said… 8-16-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.26
Social Values & Mask Wearing in 2020: A Data Visualization 10-4-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Article.10
What Fun Awaits on Halloween 2021 Weekend? 10-25-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.34
#Halloween2021 11-1-2021 Consumer.Corner.2021.Article.10
Decidedly non-traditional management & decision making Connecting Agribusinesses to Consumers Through Social Media 1-11-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.01
Why Are You Complaining? (Is this a sport? Are you trying to win a medal?) 3-15-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.09
Hey, Ag Industries! Don’t be All Hat, No Cattle 5-17-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.16
Have You Hugged Your iPhone Today? 5-24-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.17
Don’t Eat Random Mushrooms 5-31-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Article.06
You Demanding, Fickle and (at Least Somewhat) Uninformed Consumer, You. 6-7-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.18
Purposefully Not Consuming: Plausible Use of Economics to Understand Minimalism 8-23-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.27
Knock it Off With all the “Normal” Talk 10-18-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.33
You (Probably) Deserved That 11-15-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.36
Flashback: Let’s Revisit the Raven and the Writing Desk 12-6-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Article.11
Market insights Water, Water, Everywhere… 1-18-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter02
Allocation of a Paramount Resource –Water 1-21-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter03
Much Ado About Dairy? Unique Market Considerations for Milk & Dairy Markets in 2021 2-22-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.07
Market Complication: Chicken Wings Come From Actual Chickens 6-21-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.20
We Eat Oysters, so Why Not Crickets? 7-12-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.22
How Important is Each Factor to You When Purchasing Local Products? 7-19-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.23
An Attempt at Balanced Discussion of Tradeoffs Surrounding Buying Local 8-2-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Article.08
A Glimpse into Modern Meat Science at Boiler Butcher Basics 2021 9-7-201 ConsumerCorner.2021.Article.09
Let’s Talk Turkey 11-8-201 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.35
Divergent Market Movements on Varying Beef Cuts 11-29-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.38
Consumer and online media research insights Online Media Analytics in Agribusinesses (or Lack Thereof) 1-25-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter04
#Agribusiness: Documenting Potential for Online Media Analytics in Top Seed Industry Agribusinesses 2-1-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Article.02
Media About You Is Happening With or Without You, Agribusinesses 2-15-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter06
Agriculture and Natural Resources in Unexpected, *Magical* Places 3-1-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Article.03
If a Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words, What Words Would They Be? 4-26-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.14
Which Local Products Resonate Most with Indiana Consumers? 6-14-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.19
What’s Stopping You From Buying Local? 6-28-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.21
#FoodSafety in Online Media Space 8-30-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.28
Breaking News: People Like Tasty Food…No, Really. 9-27-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.31
Gobble, Gobble; What do You Want from That Turkey? 11-22-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.37
Revisiting Food and Medicine Together to Improve the Human Condition 12-13-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.39
Wash Your Hands 12-20-2021



Data, data use and data analytics The Importance of Sample Size 2-8-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.05
What is Data Anyway? 5-10-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.15
Data Analytics in Ag on Your Schedule: The Data-Driven Agriculture Digital Ag Webinar Series 7-5-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Article.07
Big Dog Data is Driving Advancements in Human Health Through Translational Medicine 8-9-201 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.25
‘Big Data’ in Animal Industries 9-13-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.29
‘Big Data’ in Animal Industries: Scale is Challenging, But Use is Wicked 9-20-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.30
Getting to the WHY Behind Consumers’ Decisions: How Qualitative Data Can Help 10-11-2021 ConsumerCorner.2021.Letter.32


See you in 2022!