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Reflections from Consumer Corner #2022

January 2, 2023 | Letters

Author: Nicole Olynk Widmar, Associate Head and Professor, Purdue University, Department of Agricultural Economics

Time flies! As we look back on 2022 here on Consumer Corner, we’re excited to have shared and documented insights from consumer and online media research, lessons from consumers in the (unrelenting, still, seriously?) pandemic-era meets post-pandemic era, decidedly non-traditional takes on management and decision-making, market insights, and our commentary on data, data use, and data analytics. We also delved into multiple video series on carbon markets and difficult conservations in food and agriculture.

In May of 2022, we decided articles were simply too long and less palatable than letters, so we adapted by discontinuing them and switching to consistent weekly letters! In total, we close the year with 48 letters and 5 articles. Below, we’ve pulled them together in one easy-to-access, thematically organized spot so you can catch up on what you might have missed. Enjoy!

Date Title
1-3-2022 Well, You’re Also a Liar
1-11-2022 I Know Something You Don’t Know
1-17-2022 “Do You Trust Me?”
1-20-2022 Consumer-Driven Changes in Ag Market Channels
1-24-2022 A “Vote” of Confidence
1-31-2022 Fat Conversations (in Fluid Milk)
2-7-2022 What Meats at the Holiday Meals? A Look at December Holidays 2020
2-14-2022 A Bee in my Bonnet – Honeybees and Decision Making
2-21-2022 Who’s in Charge Here, Anyway?
2-28-2022 Baby, It’s Cold Outside
3-7-2022 Conversations: When Being Right Takes You Down the Wrong Path
3-14-2022 No
3-21-2022 Everything is Online, Even Your Groceries
3-28-2022 Are You for or Against Online Grocery Shopping?
4-4-2022 Questioning the Value of “Thoughts and Prayers” for Natural Disaster Victims
4-11-2022 Well, That’s a Look…Not Sure What Look, But It’s Apparently Here to Stay
4-18-2022 Did You Know that Flour is Raw?
4-25-2022 What was on the Chopping Block for Easter 2022?
5-2-2022 Lessons from Rodents (Famous Ones, but Still Rodents)
5-9-2022 U.S. Meat Market Performance During the COVID-19 Era
5-16-2022 Consumers’ Knowledge and Willingness-to-Pay for Wet-Aged and Dry-Aged Beef
5-23-2022 Home, Office, Both, Neither
5-31-2022 30% of Nationally Representative Sample of U.S. Residents Would Change Jobs to get the Work Location/Arrangement They Seek
6-6-2022 Diving into Food Expenditures
6-13-2022 Is American Food Purchasing Sustainable?
6-20-2022 What do Consumers Believe about Food and Food Systems?
6-27-2022 The Queen and Me – What I Learned about Leadership from the Honeybees
7-5-2022 Support for Food Policies, Funding, Taxes and Laws
7-11-2022 Everything is Just Math
7-18-2022 U.S. Resident Support for More/Less Spending on USDA Budget Categories
7-25-2022 “Farm Policy” Extends Far Beyond the Farm Gate
8-1-2022 The Time Value of Money
8-8-2022 Probability is Different Than Propensity
8-15-2022 It’s Worth Repeating, Sample Size Matters
8-22-2022 Carbon Markets, or are They?
8-29-2022 Non-Regulatory Voluntary Carbon Markets Meet Agriculture and Creates Questions
9-6-2022 Fundamental Challenges of Agriculture in Carbon Markets
9-12-2022 Ag and Carbon Markets – Everybody’s Winning Here, Right?
9-19-2022 What Even is Risk?
9-26-2022 Communicating Socially Charged Issues
10-3-2022 Just so We’re Clear, Take a Look in the Mirror
10-11-2022 We Are All a Bunch of Liars
10-16-2022 How Did We Get Here?
10-25-2022 Leave People Wanting More (Not Begging You to Stop)
10-31-2022 Unfunded Producer Mandates for Animal Welfare in Animal Agriculture
11-7-2022 #Halloween2022
11-14-2022 Implications of Science and Communication Discourse Today
11-21-2022 Learning from Leaders: Navigating the Marketplace with Malcolm DeKryger
11-28-2022 Learning from Leaders: Things We Wish People Would Ask About Pork Production
12-5-2022 We Do Not Talk Enough About the People
12-12-2022 Marketplace Politics
12-19-2022 #BabyFormula
12-26-2022 Shades of Gray